EUROPARTS is a French company based in Rheims, capital of Champagne at the crossing of the A4 motorway (Paris-Metz-Strasbourg) and the A26 motorway (Calais-Dijon-Lyon)

Reims is 90 minutes on the east of Paris and 60 minutes on the east of Disneyland Paris by motorway A4.

Our company has been created in 1993 for gathering demand from both European specialists and collectors, and build up a demand retaining the interest of car glass manufacturers obtaining so maintenance of existing tooling and building of new jigs.

American car glasses have been recently included in the wide range of French, British, Italian and German glasses already supplied, and you can get from us either an HK500 Facel Vega, a 3500GT Vignale Maserati or a Gullwing 300SL windscreens, but also T'Bird, Mustang and Corvette glasses.

We also undertake fabrication and homologation to European standards of windscreens for prototype departments of modern cars manufacturers or (wealthy) "amateurs" owning unique cars.

Our staff is constituted of specialists, with more than 20 years experience in the classic car business.

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EUROPARTS is specialized in locating and remanufacturing non flat laminated windscreen glasses for classics, Grand Touring and Prototypes.

This activity is based on the use of existing or remanufactured toolings for European and American cars.

Manufacturing is realized by some of the leading car glass manufacturers who still accept to produce small batches compared to the modern cars ones.

Accessory products like rubber seals, clips sets or body glasses are supplied when still available.

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Europarts only deals with the supply and delivery of windscreens in the Western Europe in collaboration with an efficient and careful carrier whom transport and insurance costs have been negotiated.

This service is a mail order service and there is no fitting facility in our premises.

All shipments are insured against loss or breakage and goods are traveling under the shipper responsibility, the only condition being the control of glasses must be done by the customer in front of the delivery man on receiving his glass and goods rejected if damaged.

Any accepted glasses with receipt signed by customer or by anybody acting for him at his address will make the insurance void, goods having reputedly been received in good condition.

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You are going to go through our catalogue hereafter & the windscreen references we are normally still able to supply.

This list does not engage us for it may vary at any time without further advice. You must check with us if reference is still available before to undertake any work on your car that will bring you in a situation where old glass is destroyed and expected new one no longer available.

Our catalogue may be wrong already at the time you get it on the net. Please double check with us in sending an E-mail or fax.

The mentioned brand names and models are only reported for identification purpose. We are not Agent of any of these makes. We only claim for the help we can offer in maintaining these beautiful cars on the road in their best shape and complying with regulations.

By clicking on one of the below cars you will reach the Windscreen chapter or the Backlights chapter

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Our glasses coming from various countries with different currencies, it is not possible to issue a price list due to variations of exchange rates.

Please apply for quotation.

Thank you for your attention.


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